We are committed to meet the expectations of our customers all of the time by teamwork, innovation and competence, exhibiting high ethical standards, sense of urgency and respect for the individual. We expect no less from our supplier/ Clients

Management is dedicated to creating conditions, which will allow achievement of these objectives.

We will provide our customers with the services and technology, which conform to specifications or agreed upon requirements without exception.

We fully understand the requirements of our jobs, provide a safe and healthy working environment that will foster teamwork, involve a process of continuous improvement and encourage an attitude of “Do the right thing the first time” by everyone.

We are committed to this quest for excellence, which we recognize and accept as essential to our continued success and profitability


  1. CT4 and its employees are bound by the
    • National Building Regulations And Building Standards Act No. 103 Of 1977
    • SABS SANS 10400 & SANS 204
    • Individual town planning schemes


We are in the process of automating our document centre and action’ing our quality manual, processes and forms to be in line with ISO standards to ensure ease of use to the user. 

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