CT4’s key to success is as per the following:

Quality Service

  • To competently and efficiently complete services from tender phase (all administration work) to the final product.
  • Accurate delivery and assembly of documented services               
  • Services to be completed and maintained with less to zero corrections.


With the intention to grow the business exponentially, it is critical that CT4’s management concentrate firstly, on improving service solubility within certain price points, margin requirements, and distribution channels and establish consumer acceptance. Once these are established, then can controlled expansion (which requires increase service and Investment in inventory) be executed with confidence.


The image of the company is very important, therefore will be advertised not only with appearances but also services.

The marketing of CT4’s competent service and products is vital important. It will place CT4 in a position of well establishment to eventually have a long and lasting relationship with our suppliers and clients.

Our competitive advantages are as follows:

  • Quality
  • Speed
  • Price
  • Clean and less wastage (Green)
  • Low overhead cost

Our marketing strategy will be to make use of our combined skills and implemented a service to stimulate a quality, efficient, and good workmanship directly to the end users of our service, at all times.

It is of great importance to have all projects completed according to the regulator standards and of our clients, therefore we embark on a full training program when employing people who are skilled or semi skilled.

We make use of company brochures, a well structured office, competent staff to market, sell, service and maintain all projects, efficiently and effectively at all times.

Proper planning for all projects receives the greatest attention to detail, which is the only way to determine profits, expenditure, etc.., to ensure the client to be relaxed and work according to planned  budget. Ensuring a long lasting relationship with our Suppliers and Clients, by providing prompt and efficient services at all times.

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