CT4 construction is a commercial and industrial Building Company in Gauteng –  we build new houses, renovate any building or building additions to clients requirements. We give advice when changing or designing and planning your house. We will ensure that you are at all times assisted and guided through the process.We arrange for approval of designed plans as well as clearance with authorities. We provide a detailed cost analysis on your dream house estimated from your building plans. We are very proud on the professional way we present our cost analysis to our clients. To ensure that you have a pleasant and risk-free building experience, we agree on a written Building contract, signed by both parties before building work commence. We contracted our Consulting Engineer to support in the building process and supply Engineering Certificates on completion of the project. We follow the guidelines from our Consulting Engineer. We arrange for coverage with regards to public liability and contractors all risk insurance. We supply chemical toilets on our building sites and do not have problems with blocked sewerage systems. We deal with distinguished Suppliers in the market place, have good relationships with them and building materials are delivered on time when ordered. We arrange for all Building Inspections within the frame of the Local Authorities.

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